Saturday, September 29, 2012

In His Service: His #2 Released - FINALLY!

Delays, delays, delays!  Amazon took sooo long processing In His Service: His #2, so while the title was live and available for purchase at Barnes & Noble, All Romance, and Smashwords yesterday, it only just showed up on Amazon today.  BUT now all is well...

In His Service: His #2 (A Billionaire Domination Serial)

Luxury resort owner Adrian Knight asks the impossible of Chloe Bloom when he proposes that she remain on his private Brazilian island of Ilha de Flor not as a guest but as his mistress and submissive. He has no way of knowing he’s asking her to give up her law career and her life back in the States to relive the dark pleasures that she believes contributed to the disintegration of her relationship with her lover, playboy heir Penn Ellison.

But Adrian knows more than he’s letting on, more than Chloe herself.  Drawing the alluring but shy brunette into his service is as much about competitive instinct and settling debts with the Ellison heir as it is about the attraction he feels for the woman who resists truly surrendering to him.

Chloe’s training begins…

And the defenses the submissive and her raffish Dom have built around themselves crack as Chloe and Adrian start to understand one another despite their best efforts.

Length: 14,300 words

In His Service: His #2 is available at Amazon US, UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, at Barnes & Noble,, and Smashwords.

Wrapping up, I wanted to shaaare.  :)  Most of my lovely readers know I'm a shoe tart, and I have shoe, appreciation...shoe appreciation today.  I keep mentioning in the His series that Chloe is wearing high heel sandals.  I tend to imagine shoes from my own extensive collection, like this:

And, following classic entertainment advice, I end on a song...

Happy weekend!

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