Monday, December 10, 2012

In His Wake: His #6 Now Available!

I have a new release annoucement and some news for everyone today.  First...

In His Wake: His #6 is finally available!  It is still processing at B&N and Kobo, but a phone call to Amazon got it moving.  Without further ado...

In His Wake: His #6 (A Billionaire Domination Serial)
A Domination and Submission Romance

When Chloe Bloom left the Brazilian island paradise of Ilha de Flor and her billionaire Dom and lover, Adrian Knight, she thought she was returning forever to her controlled, sedate life as an up and coming junior partner at the premier environmental law firm on the East Coast.  But that firm is exactly what Adrian needs to defend himself from a pending indictment designed to ruin him and pry ownership of the island from his grasp.  Facing Adrian again in a harsh winter metropolis far from their tropical haven, Chloe struggles to master the tumultuous emotional fallout the man seems destined to leave in his wake, even as he draws her reluctantly back into his bed.  She’ll have to decide if she’s fighting with him or fighting for him and exactly how much she’s willing to risk for Adrian and everyone waiting back on Ilha de Flor.

Length: 16,500 words
You can find In His Wake: His #6 now on all Amazon channels (including Amazon US and Amazon UK) and on All Romance eBooks.  It should be available shortly on B&N and Kobo.  Unfortunately, due to Smashwords policies, Smashwords and Apple readers will have to wait until the serial is complete and all titles can be released at once. [Edit: B&N has His 6 live now!]
We're only two titles from the end of the His Series now, and I have to take a second to tell all of you how much your support has meant to me.  Thank you for spending your hard-earned money to follow the journey of Chloe and Adrian.  Thank you for the emails telling me how much you love them and asking when the next story is coming.  Thank you for the reviews (especially the one vowing to come find me and the draft of His #6--that one made me smile).  Thank you for spreading the word about the His Series to your friends, family, and neighbors.
I also want to mention that I have taken over one of the Sunday spots on the popular erotica blog One Handed Writers.  Stop by and check out my posts!  Again, I'll be there every other Sunday.
Also, if you like the idea of chatting with other erotica and erotic romance readers and authors, award-winning erotica legend Selena Kitt has recently launched a reader forum on her site for Excessica Publishing.  I'll be around when I'm not writing furiously!  Which reminds me...
In the NEAR future, you can look forward (I hope) to the completion of the His and Weekend Submissive Series, the beginning of a new romantic domination serial, the return of the Bitter Creek Doms, and...a full length novel that will be part of a big multi-author promotional event that just might include a new book from a NYT bestselling novelist.  More details after New Years!
Until then, my friends, Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!


  1. love the story.. when is # 7 coming out

  2. Hi, Enza. I'm glad you're enjoying it. #7 is out already; I'm just a little behind on the blog announcements. #8, the final title, is due out this weekend.

  3. Just finished #7... It is so good! Can't wait for #8! Will it be soon???

  4. #8 should be the next day or two, depending on whether we need to contact the dustributors to get it moving again through the review process. I hate saying it WILL be today or it WILL be tomorrow, because Murphy's Law always makes a liar out of me. :)