Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Art Of Domination Serial Launches A Day Early

Considering I've been promising this serial for months, even posting in anticipation of an October 2013 launch, saying it's coming out early is a bit nonsensical.  What I mean to say is that processing took less time than normal instead of more--it's a New Years miracle!--and The Art Of Domination: Model Release is available for sale today rather than tomorrow, as originally recently intended.

The cover and blurb go something like this:

The Art Of Domination: Model Release
A Domination and Submission Romance

Reformed wild girl Iva Moreau is doing a passable job of convincing herself that leaving behind the artist lifestyle for the safety of suburbia and the respectability of academia is the mature decision. She suffers her job as an Art Department secretary at Vandergriff University, belittled by her supervisor and pursued by lecherous professors, as willing penance for her former life on the art scene and all the damage it ultimately did not only to Iva but to her family. But she can’t maintain that distance when her baby sister, Cheri, starts down a path all too familiar to Iva.

Unrepentant bad boy Nolan Beal is the up-and-coming rock star of the photography world with a seven-figure salary snapping shots for glossy fashion magazines and his own nouveau noir erotic exhibition at the gallery in town for controversial and provocative art. His work explores power and the hypocrisy behind sex… and the masks people use to hide their true natures and desires even from themselves. Themes of domination and submission run as rife through his life and his liaisons with beautiful woman as they do through his photographs.

When Iva shows up at Nolan’s studio to demand that the photographer stop using her younger sister as a model for his erotic exhibition, an instant recognition and attraction between them causes the very different masks they wear to slip. And they strike a deal. In exchange for Iva submitting to one modeling session for Beal, he will give her Cheri’s signed model release and relinquish the right to use the photographs forever. The perfect solution, giving Iva the chance to see once again how self-destructive the hedonistic artist’s lifestyle is while she is also saving Cheri from the same mistakes, and providing Nolan with the opportunity to crack the false front Iva presents to the world and possess the passionate submissive he senses behind her defenses.

Neither are prepared for the passions released by the first meager glimpses of the true Nolan and Iva behind the masks.

Novella Length: 24,600 words or roughly 80 traditional print pages.
It's currently available at Amazon (including USA and UK), Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, and BookStrand and will be available after more lengthy processing at Smashwords, Kobo, and Apple.
Expect The Art Of Domination 2: Photo Slave next week, on Friday, January 10, 2014, when it will be priced at 99 cents instead of $2.99 for its debut weekend.  Until then, I leave you with a little bit of trivia from Model Release.  There's a reference in the novella to a song about paper cut hearts, which comes from a gorgeous song by Jillette Johnson called Basset Hound.  I thought it would be fun to include it here, from Youtube:

(Please stand by while Blogger torments me for trying to include a simple video....)

Okay, Blogger can't find the version I want to include of Jillette's Slacker performance, even though it's up clear as day on Youtube, so I chose this one for the recording quality.  Nothing to look at but the pretty photo, though.  :(


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