Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Shades of Control: Fifty By Fifty V3 Available Now

It's been a long while since I released a billionaire domination and submission romance. My new novella, Drop (Catching Her Fall #1) breaks that long dry streak, appearing in the Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired set Shades of Control: Fifty By Fifty V3.

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About Drop:

Whenever I used to tell people I had a fear of falling, they would correct me to say I had a fear of heights.  Maybe it was the sensible cardigan collection my mother preferred for me or the nerdy girl glassesexchanged eventually for more intellectual and refined gold-rimmed frames for the necessity of actually seeing the chalkboards and projection screens in my university classrooms.  Maybe it was a lifetime of honing that church mouse demeanor, head always slightly bowed against the buffeting winds of gentle but pervasive familial criticism.  Yeah, people used to correct me a lot.

No, the heights never scared me.  I never looked down from a lofty balcony or a bridge over rushing water and felt what I had heard other people describe as a creeping desire to leap over the edge. Instead, I felt a white-knuckled and sweaty-palmed fear, a terrible certainty that something, someone, some circumstance or force would fling me down in that precarious moment of vulnerability.  Just imagining the drop made my stomach bob and churn inside me.  And the thought of breaking against the cold ground.  No, my fear was that out-of-control plummet, not heights.

Or at least I would have insisted until the night that black chauffeured town car steered me smoothly, inevitably up the winding lanes of the exclusive residential conclave of Jasper Hill and that singular Mediterranean estate crested in my view above the overabundant landscaping of lesser contemporary palaces to god-like lineage and ungodly wealth.  That night, I tripped and fell into a convergence of dark lust and tragic loss a decade in the making, populated by the favored sons of some of the most privileged families on the West Coast.  That night, I locked gazes with the brilliantly blue-eyed Royce Lauder, the man who was about to help me understand that the only thing greater than my fear of falling was my fear of the heights he would show me.

College junior Sabrina Cole should be concentrating on getting the money together for her final year of school, landing the right internship, networking with the right people. But first, for just one evening, she’ll indulge in temptation, knowing it never feels as good as it looks. The part of her that surrenders to pleasure is long gone, with the man who introduced her to the sensual torments of domination and submission. So what harm could come of just one night, just one dinner?

Far too blunt and rebellious for his own good, airline CEO Royce Lauder should be heeding the advice from his company’s board of directors and working on his public image before they move on a major acquisition. Instead, he has joined the men who have been his closest friends since childhood at a dinner party where they will assess candidates for training as their personal submissives. A flippant decision on Royce’s part, but it’s not all about the decadent pleasures afforded men of power and wealth, because these aren’t just any women. These are the birds with broken wings, damaged and betrayed by people they’d loved. This time, however, there is only one wounded dove, only one woman, and only one thought in Royce Lauder’s head: mine.

An unexpected proposal from Lauder stirs unexpected desires for Sabrina. She tells herself acting as the personal assistant by day and sexual submissive by night for seductively dark Royce Lauder is about money and a recommendation on her resume—a career move. He reminds himself it will be temporary—train her, heal her, and release her.

Will Royce be so willing to train and release Sabrina when it’s the man who broke her that wants her back? Will Sabrina maintain her emotional distance when she learns it’s guilt over another woman that set Royce out on the path of becoming a Dom, her Dom? And who catches whom when Master and servant are both falling?

Drop is intended to be the first in a series of standalone stories featuring those "favored sons" of privilege grown up into captains of industry and Doms of both passion and compassion.

About Shades of Control:

These irresistible men exercise control in every aspect of their lives. They demand your submission. They demand your devotion. They demand your love. 

In return, they'll give you everything your heart desires and take you to impossible heights of pleasure. 

Fifty By Fifty is a series of four boxed sets featuring Fifty Stories by Fifty Bestselling Authors.

Shades of Control is 99 cents for a limited time.

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  1. I absolutely loved the first three Master Vampire books but haven't been able to find the fourth one. Is it out yet?