Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cover Reveal for One Wild Night: An Aesir Shifters BBW Romance Short

On the heels of the very warm reader reception I got with Turning Wild, my first standalone Aesir Shifters BBW romance, I've got another upcoming BBW shifter release, and HERE is the cover (and blurb) reveal!  TA! DA!  :)

One Wild Night: An Aesir Shifter BBW Romance Short

Who knew trying to kill one another would be such an aphrodisiac?

Garik and Rachel are just like Romeo and Juliet, except for the fur, the fangs, and the powerful urge to fornicate despite being members of warring wolf packs.  Shes a curvy were-soldier scout for the Central Coast cell of the Odin Wolves.  Hes the sergeant-at-arms for the Sons of Fenris, a pack of motorcycle-riding werewolves descended directly from the Fenris Wolf himself.  And those dont mix without spilling blood.

Rachel Corey has been doing everything she can to avoid Garik Hagen and her attraction to the Fenris Wolf.  But whats she supposed to do when he prowls right into the middle of her assignment to recover a powerful Aesir artifact from an art dealer delivering the relic to a private buyer?  How is one little curvy she-were, the youngest and weakest of her pack, supposed to protect herself from the Sons of Fenris MC when the rest of Gariks gang show up with the intention of claiming the prize for themselves and ravaging Rachel in the process?  Can she trust Gariks word that hes there to head off his own pack and protect her?  What if the sexy, brooding enforcer is just part of a trap she cant resist?

Worst of all, what if Rachels instincts are right and Gariks her mate?

Forbidden lust, bloodthirsty enemies, and star-crossed love.  Its going to make for one wild night.

Like Turning Wild, One Wild Night is a standalone story in a larger series of shifter romance with a twist of Norse mythology and a heavy dose of sensual heat.  That means the sex gets hot, and four-letter words get involved.  :)  One Wild Night will be available for purchase Friday, June 13, 2014 for $0.99!

In the meantime, if you haven't already, pick up a copy of Turning Wild! Wild: An Aesir Shifters BBW Romance Novella

Drawn suddenly and violently into a world of shifters hiding among humans, Holly is learning that there’s more than one type of were to beware of. One is a threat to her life, another to her heart….

Curvy girl Holly Parker’s life has become a series of simple choices that somehow change the course of her entire future. Taking a shortcut home puts her on a collision course with a maniac who is not what he seems. Keeping her mouth shut about her attacker's fur and fangs lands her a job with a covert agency that tracks and exterminates supernaturals preying on their human neighbors. And now her decision to rely on her intimidatingly sexy neighbor, Dustin Berg, for protection when her wolfish stalker returns opens her eyes not only to the untamed power and passions of the were-soldiers known as Odin’s Wolves but to her place among them.

Caught between her duty to protect people from the kind of attack she suffered and her irresistible attraction to the man—the shifter—who has risked his life to save her from a creature he insists is an aberration hunted by other wolves as well, Holly must decide who is on her side and who is merely using her for their own purposes.

I also want to mention, if you're a fan of BBW romance, you gotta check out The Curvy Girl Romance Reader Group on Facebook.

I begged and cajoled more than a dozen talented, bestselling authors of BBW romance--we're talking Alexx Andria, Eliza Gayle, Celia Kyle--into hanging out on a reader-writer group dedicated to sharing, enjoying, and promoting BBW romance in a positive, pro-curves environment.  The group is already almost 500 members strong, and we don't have our official launch party until Friday.  Did you catch that?  Official. Launch. Party. Friday.

And finally, in domination and submission romance news, YES, The Art of Domination serial will continue, though disappointing sales mean it is a lower priority. I have several other domination romance projects in progress that will probably come out before or the same time as future Art of Domination titles.  Despite some people suggesting I just kill the serial, I don't feel comfortable leaving the story unfinished.

And so... Happy reading!

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