Friday, July 11, 2014

READ WILD Event Kicks Off With 99 Cents Shifter Stories and A Kindle Fire Giveaway

It's a great weekend for anyone who loves shifter romance as a group of great authors from Facebook's The Wolf Pack kick off the READ WILD EVENT.  Each author has put at least one of their shifter books on sale for 99 cents and are running a blog hop today in addition to raffling off a Kindle Fire!

Here's the link for the Kindle Fire Raffle!

Here's a link to my Facebook Author Page, where you can win a $10 Amazon gift card, as a starting point for the Facebook Hop.  Over the course of the day, I'll be adding link to other Facebook pages running contests for the event.

My new release is pending.  Keep an eye on my author page today and tomorrow for updates to links where you can buy it.  When it comes out this weekend, A Prowl On The Wild Side will be 99 cents.  If you can't wait quite that long, my Aesir Shifter BBW romance One Wild Night is regularly 99 cents.  :)

Other READ WILD books include:

**double check prices before you buy, in case of glitch or sudden change!**

A Prowl On The Wild Side by Erika Masten (release and links pending).

If a girl is going to be delusional, Vanessa Dreyer’s kind of crazy isn’t so bad.

Trapped by day in a dreary office job, under the thumb of a boss with dubious designs on his curvy assistant, Vanessa dreams at night of prowling the city as a beautiful and powerful beast. Never mind the naked sleepwalking. And there are worse things than the mild sensory hallucinations that would have Vanessa believing she’s faster, stronger, and keener of eye than she really ought to be. The really crazy thing is her feeling that the sexy walking wall of muscle, Eric Salo, truly is flirting with her across the cafĂ© counter every day at lunch.

But what if, just maybe, Vanessa isn’t crazy?

What if her dreams are her primal animal—her latent shifter—speaking to her?  What if a hidden world of werewolves, werebears, werelions, and weretigers awaits her?  Worse, what if the shadowy men she remembers watching her as a child, before her parents were killed leaving Vanessa and her brother all alone, are real as well and have found her again?  And most importantly, what if the only one who can protect Vanessa and help her figure out who she is and what it all means is a sexy blond werewolf named Eric Salo?

What’s a curvy girl doing losing her head and her heart to a 6’4” Nordic Adonis with fangs and fur?  That’s just crazy.


First Moon by Michelle Fox, on sale at Amazon and B&N.

The Secret Wolf by Ana W. Fawkes, on sale at Amazon.

Bear Biker Love by Harper Ashe, on sale at Amazon and B&N.

Moonlight by Victoria Danann, on sale at Amazon.

At Full Sprint by A.E. Grace, on sale at Amazon and B&N.

The First Alpha by K.A. Taylor, on sale at Amazon.

Healer's Fate by Beth Caudill, on sale at Amazon and B&N.

Laid Bear 2 by Marina Maddix, WILL BE on sale at Amazon.  **Currently $3.99, price change still processing**

Harvest Moon by Tabitha Conall, on sale at Amazon.

Shifter Mountain by Anna Soule, on sale at Amazon and B&N.

Romancing The Wolf by Skye Eagleday, on sale at Amazon and B&N.

The Wolf Who Played With Fire by Sarah Makela, on sale at Amazon and B&N.

The Right To A Bear's Arms by Carina Wilder, on sale at Amazon.

Dark Velvet by Lisa Carlisle, on sale at Amazon and B&N.

Midnight Hunt by Ariel Burnz, on sale at Amazon and B&N.

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