Friday, October 23, 2015

A Most Wicked Blog Hop

Welcome, blog hoppers and those of you who popped over because I've been pimping the Wicked Reads Blog Hop on all my Facebook hangouts. From October 23 (today!) through October 31, I'll be blogging daily about my own wicked reads, which of late tend to fall in the subgenre of BBW (that's big beautiful woman as in plus-size heroine for the uninitiated) paranormal shape shifter romance.

So let's begin this wicked week (give or take) of blogginess with CHRISTMAS!!!

Now wait, before you throw something at the computer screen, read me out and let me unfold the machinations of my dark sense of humor. Allow me to introduce you to a paranormal romance collection several of my writerly friends and I have on preorder now, Shifter Wonderland.

Forget the ho ho ho and get ready for a little holiday growl. Get lost in a Shifter Wonderland of Bears, Wolves, Horses and Dragons! This boxed set features twelve ALL NEW stand-alone Holiday stories from your favorite bestselling paranormal romance authors, and it’s only available for a LIMITED TIME! If you love Hot, Sexy Alpha Shapeshifters and the Beautiful, Curvy women who love them, then you don’t want to miss this LIMITED EDITION holiday boxed set!

Featured Authors: Christin Lovell - V. Vaughn - Tasha Black - Charlene Hartnady - Kate Kent - Lola Kidd - Marie Mason - Erika Masten - Harmony Raines - Ruby Shae - Elle Thorne - Emerald Wright

I haven't divulged much yet about my contribution to Shifter Wonderland up to this point, but that's what blog hops are for.

That's also where a time of year known for being a little darker and a little more wicked--oh, like this time of year--comes in. My story in the collection is Yuletide's Eve, and the title hints at the fact that instead of writing a sweet, heart-warming Christmas romance, I went all Yule on this thing. Yule as in dark of the year. Yule as in the time when the veil between worlds and between life and death is thin, from the autumn equinox (fall) through the winter solstice (Dec. 21, the shortest day of the year). Yule as in faeries and spirits and...The Wild Hunt. So while the loving couples of many a holiday romance will be cuddled up together in front of a fire, mine will more likely be running for their lives from wolves with fire in their eyes while old pagan goddesses make mischief.

Shifter Wonderland releases on December 1, 2015 and comes out of publication at the end of the month. It is available for preorder now for 99 cents at Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Kobo.

I'll likely share more about Yuletide's Eve over the course of this blog hop. Check back in here for a new post every day. I might get a little more into what inspire me to begin writing paranormal shape shifter romance based on Norse and Celtic myth and what else I've got brewing (see, a Halloween reference at last!).

And remember to check out the other blogs in the hop. Some of them are my equally wicked friends, but even the bad company I consort with probably didn't make you endure a Christmas reference right off the bat and in October, too! I'm just wicked that way.

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