Sunday, October 25, 2015

Preferred Prey - My Very First Preorder - is Live on Amazon

Apologies for going radio silent yesterday, thanks to this drama that is life. A quick post today as part of the Wicked Reads Blog Hop, though I want to share more about this series project, Bite of the Moon, and the other authors involved. This is my very first preorder, and I've for a share and preorder contest on my Facebook author page for it with a few chances to win $25 Amazon gift cards. Here's the scoop on Preferred Prey:

Preferred Prey (Sons of Fenris 1 ~ Bite of the Moon ~ BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance) is up for preorder on Amazon right now!

For a girl with extra curve, walking into a dive strip club that caters to the shifters of the Sons of Fenris Motorcycle Club is just like ringing a dinner bell for hungry wolves.

But a curvy latent werewolf’s gotta do what she’s gotta do or else end up prey herself.

Tabitha is ready to embrace the transformation from latent wolf to full-on shifter. If the only wolf shifters she can find to make that happen are also the most vicious breed, the Fenris Wolves, so be it.

Walking into the den of iniquity for the SoF, however, also means seeing him again—Finn.

He was the beautiful long-haired boy who grew into her first crush and her protector, but he was also the savage Fenris Wolf who nearly took her life when he turned. The first sight of him in more than four years is enough to bring all her fears and desires back to the surface right when she needs to show no weakness.

Is Tabitha really there to be turned, or has she really come looking for Finn?

Is it her dearest fantasy or her deepest dread come to life when the devious and paranoid MC president, Mick, orders Finn to deliver the bite meant to turn Tabitha? If he bites her, he might have to kill her, no matter how much of his heart she has already claimed.

Preferred Prey is the first standalone—NO CLIFFHANGER—erotic novella in the Sons of Fenris BBW paranormal shape shifter romance series by bestselling erotica and erotic romance author Erika Masten. Available for preorder on Amazon (US, UK, AU, and CA included).

Preferred Prey is $0.99 but only during preorder and the first week of release.

Part of the Bite of the Moon Series (all standalone books) from Michelle Fox, Catherine Vale, Elle Boon, Bryce Evans, Katalina Leon, and yours truly, Erika Masten.

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